our solutions | we're with you

25 ohnomatterpoeia

In ohnomatterpoeia we'll make a noise.


We'll create an unexpected noise in front of you when you least expect it. Acts will include: dropping a plate, startling a vicious dog, turning on a light, shooting a gun, ringing a small bell, bursting a balloon and eating crisps.


All results will be filmed and uploaded to your withcloud account. 

24 hypocondrama

In hypocondrama we're sick on your behalf.


Documentary evidence of your delegated ailment will be recorded in a variety of mediums and then crushed to a fine powder for redisplay on an elegant plinth.

27 relayge

*In relayge we stay at an age on your behalf, for the rest of your life and beyond. 


Every year we will live your chosen age for you, as you - from one birthday to the next. Any fear of getting old or of simply living in the moment can now be conquered through this unique service.


Evidence will be uploaded to your withcloud account. 

28 homoflexible

In homoflexible we're your alternate sexual self.


We'll experiment with a variety of sexual preferences on your behalf. Opposite sex, same sex, fetish, group, voyeur or exhibitionist, we perform your fantasies/fears for you, as you, so you don't have to.


Selected reflections on your offset experiences will be presented in binary code leaving you safe in the knowledge that you've broadened your horizons without compromise to your current lifestyle.

29 conpleted

In conpleted we'll finish everything you've started.


Business plans, book ideas or relationships - we will take responsibility for anything you've failed to deliver on. 


We'll experiment with a number of making tools and creative strategies in realising your forgotten ambitions and evidence of your completed notions will be uploaded to your withcloud account.

30 contemplate

In contemplate we'll think on your behalf.


We take a series of topics and research them carefully for no reason beyond acquiring knowledge and developing ideas. With someone expanding their horizons for you, you can effortlessly develop an entirely new perspective on things.


Reflections on the process will be presented in a series of bespoke display solutions and in a range of published material