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WITH is a project by artist Al Hopwood. All consultations and subsequent commissions will be created by him in collaboration with fully trained WITH agents. 

Now in our twentieth year we're busy creating new solutions, exhibitions, performance and broadcast projects. For regular updates and VIP offers please subscribe below.

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“The odd pleasure of WITH’s exhibition work comes from it being like a Samuel Beckett play that has been re branded by Nathan Barley. The visual aesthetic of WITH is snazzy, insidious and frigidly professional but the dark, self-ridiculing humour is the real beauty of the work. […] The implicit intention of WITH and other artists' strategies of cheerful antagonism is to jolt each individual from being a self-conscious visitor to being a self-aware, critical, thinking viewer. Humour in art, particularly in comedic exhibitions, asserts that understanding what we find funny and why is a form of critical thinking - humour is a form of aesthetics.” 


From the essay WITH: Life Enhancement Solutions

Emma Ridgeway


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