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"Could have been the brainchild of Andy Warhol" Time Out London

We are the acclaimed WITH Collective, described by critics as "the most original artist project in Britain today". We offer a unique service: the creation of evidence for experiences you never had, or the opportunity to live vicariously through us. Commission your favourite solution and see it transformed into an exclusive NFT accompanied by an irrefutable certificate of authenticity.


Step into a world where reality slightly bends and where the ordinary is nearly left behind. The WITH Collective: offering time saving solutions for personal growth and individual development since 2003.


Commission us to create evidence of an experience you haven't had, or of something you haven't done.


Commission us to have an experience on your behalf including exercising, socialising, thinking and sleeping. 


Commission us to create a film that fictionalises an experience from your past, as a storyboard, short or feature.

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