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07 legasee

In legasee we give you a child.


We'll create evidence that you're a parent, providing a short cut to fulfillment without compromise to your social/work life. You can select a range of part time options that cater for a variety of child solutions and all evidence of your selfless devotion will be uploaded to your withcloud account ready for distribution. 

08 chaseme

In chaseme we're famous on your behalf.


We will assume your identity and be followed incessantly by a team of photographers and cameramen around a city of your choice. Evidence of the activity will be hidden from you and then released publicly when you least expect it.


09 gapfear

In gapfear we travel the world on your behalf.


You can choose from a variety of travel options including gap year, sabbatical, tourist, missionary or business traveller. Documents relating to your offset experiences will be presented in a variety of really old fashioned formats, making them much easier to believe in.

10 vocationalvacation

In vocationalvacation we work for free on something you really love. 


Whether it be in the cultural sector, politics or the media you'll be safe in the knowledge that your ambitions are being met by us, on your behalf.


Evidence of your delegated voluntary activities will be engraved on to pure gold or written in gold leaf across some handmade paper for your everlasting pleasure. 

11 conspirasee

In conspirasee all is not what it seems.


We will create a name, image and ceremonial figurehead for a powerful imaginary society/organisation who are secretly controlling your every move. The evidence will be revealed over a few years until you believe that complex personal/political issues can be blamed on the reductive actions of this group of manipulative (and possibly related) individuals.

12 classempty

In classempty we give you a different class identity.


We'll render a variety of documents that suggest an alternate past that takes in the sights, sounds and smells of working, middle or upper class sensibilities. By owning the evidence you'll slowly begin to believe that this past is your own, helping you to create some new and exciting opportunities.