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13 dienamight

In dienamight we rehearse your death.


This solution is an ideal way to assess your contribution to date without the tiresome consequences associated with actual death. All documentation from this unique solution can be uploaded to your withcloud account, hung in your home or presented to your closest friend for safekeeping.

14 polterheist

In polterheist we're a presence in your home.


We'll create a number of frightening scenarios that suggest a haunting or visitation from the afterlife in your home. Evidence will be presented in a variety of highly convincing formats and then uploaded to your withcloud. 

15 affair

In affair we have have a secret relationship for you, as you.


We'll undertake a clandestine affair behind your partner's back leaving you safe in the knowledge that your desires are being exercised on your behalf. Selected evidence of the affair will be distributed to your neighbours and then presented as an exhibition in a public facility.

16 knowidea

In knowidea we give you a great idea.


We'll create proof that you were responsible for a great idea of your choice, helping you believe that you've modestly produced a cultural phenomenon. Evidence of your ideal brainwave will be framed for your pleasure and hung in the offices of a law firm. 

17 powerm

*In powerm we'll destroy your reputation.


We will spread rumours and innuendo about you to your friends, family and colleagues. This unique solution is an ideal way to make a successful life more complicated and selected evidence generated from the activity will be presented for your pleasure in an empty aircraft hangar.

18 guiltry

In guiltry we'll feel bad on your behalf.


No matter how much you think you're disconnected to a particular issue, we'll create evidence to prove that you're in fact responsible for the misfortunes or misdeeds of others you've never met. We'll then feel ashamed on your behalf and adjust our lifestyle accordingly.


Documentation of your delegated guilt will be uploaded to your withcloud and printed in UV ink on your bedroom wall.