our solutions | be yourself

31 mymory

In mymory we'll remember something you've forgotten.


We'll attempt to recall a random time in your life, for you, as you. After retrieving the lost thought, we'll present our findings in your withcloud account in a password protected folder.

32 endon

In endon we'll create an alternate ending.


We'll enact a series of alternate outcomes for something that's already happened to you. You can then select which new version you want to believe in. Each new ending will be recorded in a variety of formats and presented in a series of bespoke display formats for your pleasure.

33 mysing

In mysing we'll disappear on your behalf.


Whether in financial difficulty or retreating from a previously high profile position, you can now delegate your urge to hide from any consequence. We'll attempt to disappear from all contemporary navigation and surveillance systems and all evidence of your offset vanishing will be destroyed and cast in acrylic resin for your pleasure.

34 absents

In absents we'll miss a meeting in your name.


Evidence of your subjects frustrated response at your delegated tardiness will be recorded, framed and mounted for your pleasure or destroyed and suspended in cast acrylic.

35 comedie

In comedie we'll laugh at everything for you, as you.


No subject will be 'off limits'. We'll literally laugh at anything on your behalf; from the everyday, through to humiliation, tragedy and destruction. The hilarity that ensues from any situation will help you prove to others that you don't take life to seriously and that you have a GSOH.


A list of everything laughed at will be presented to you framed and mounted for your pleasure. 

36 scapegoad

In scapegoad we'll take the blame on your behalf.


We take the flack for you, as you, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you can take responsibility without actually taking responsibility. We'll be there to take a hit should anything go slightly wrong and if required you can also commission several blames at once, meaning you can delegate the buck onto a group of yous who are ultimately responsible for any number of failings.


Evidence will be uploaded to your withcloud account.