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Fusion Now! Rokeby London 2007

"WITH’s work, g-Part 1: Think-base Artefacts (2007), presents the process that led an advertising agency to win a spurious brief, concocted by the collective, to 'relaunch its brand of water'. WITH’s ironic ventriloquism of corporate ‘social responsibility,’ with its cool image, associated jargon and advertising techniques, seems to be targeting the blatant transformation of the ‘green cause’ into a fashionable and expensive, middle class product. The work would appear to address the problem of ‘soft’ or corrective environmentalism which advocates minute but accurate corrections in (middle class) consumer habits as a means to ‘correct’ environmental problems, neatly side-stepping the environmentalism which proposes radical, even if regressive, social change. Furthermore, the aesthetics of ‘process’ and bricolage deployed by the advertising campaign suggests that contemporary art’s interest in makeshift objects and assemblage may also be undergoing a parallel, market oriented appropriation." Nuno Rodrigues, 30 January 2008 Mute Magazine

Press and essays

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