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a new visitor solution for



(me as you now)

In fomona we're an extra you...

This new WITH solution has been created for Mona, Hobart, Tasmania.

All services will be available at the gallery.  

fomona services

Helping you find the real you by being you

Ways of Seeing

Helping you to experience more...


In this unique service we'll visit the parts of Mona that you don't have the time or energy to see, on your behalf. Evidence of your delegated viewing experience will be uploaded to your withcloud account, leaving you safe in the knowledge that nothing has escaped your attention during your trip to the museum.​

With You

An extra pair of eyes...


We will follow you around the galleries at Mona making sure that you understand everything you should. From experiencing the full potential of each art work through to avoiding an untimely accident, you'll always have us on hand to guide you through your day.

Evidence of the process will be uploaded to your withcloud account.

Thinking Time

Space to reflect...


We will take time out to consider a selection of art works that you've seen at Mona. We'll critically reflect on each project and form meaningful associations on your behalf. Each thought from the process will be presented to you in an elegantly designed box.

Social Mediator

Become an insider...


We will efficiently translate all of your new Mona experiences to a variety of contacts, at a number of impressive social gatherings.

Your new friends will then invite us to future events of importance, where we will continue to present an informed and appealing version of you to others.

Evidence will be recorded on your smartphone and uploaded to

your withcloud account.

meet the team

Available to book in gallery B2 at Mona from 27th March 2019

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