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43 demographic

In demographic we're you from another country.


We'll have an alternative nationality for you, as you, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you can experience other cultures through the actions of your proxy self. You can choose from a variety of options including French, German, Nigerian, Brazilian, British, Tongan or Australian.

Evidence of your foreign life/lives will be displayed in a storage facility near your home. 

44 simfall

In simfall we'll have a minor incident on your behalf.


You can choose a combination of unfortunate scenarios including knocking something over, breaking a precious/throwaway object or getting a minor injury.


All evidence of your offset experiences will be cast in a wax brick and presented for your viewing pleasure.

45 contentimental

In contentimental we'll live in an ideal version of your future.


We'll assess your needs and then design an ideal outcome for each one of your future desires. We'll then live as you in this optimistic version of the future leaving you safe in the knowledge that everything is going to be ok, despite your current anxieties.


Evidence of your solution will be sewn into a comfortable sofa or framed and mounted for your pleasure.

46 after:life

In after:life we'll continue something after it's gone.


We create evidence of a continuation whether it be replacing an absent friend or fabricating the success of a now defunct business. Representative text and images will be mounted and framed for your pleasure or simply deleted.

47 shadoh

In shadoh we'll copy everything you do.


We'll always be by your side attempting to repeat every utterance and action you make back to you in real time. 


A selection of evidence documenting the mindless repetition of all your activity will be recorded, framed and mounted for your pleasure or destroyed and presented in a cast acrylic storage facility.

48 senseheard

In senseheard we'll say what you really think.


Evidence of your delegated honesty will be presented over a series of performances in a reconstructed version of your favourite coffee shop.

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