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37 obesitting

In obesitting we're unhealthy on your behalf. 


As well as eating, drinking and smoking too much in your name we'll also remain seated for the entire duration of the solution. In the meantime you can keep healthy safe in the knowledge that someone is keeping you happy. 


Evidence of your delegated exploits will uploaded to your withcloud and elegantly displayed in your local health centre. 

38 apocalapse

In apocalapse we'll experience the end of the world on your behalf.


Whether you choose environmental catastrophe, nuclear armageddon, meteor strike or rampant virus you'll be left safe in the knowledge that come the fateful day you'll be fully prepared to accept the inevitable as we'll be doing it for you. 


For an additional cost we'll survive your bespoke catastrophe and evidence of the disaster will be shown in super 8 film to those who are left. 

39 petish

In petish we'll become an animal on your behalf.


You can select a variety of options including; domestic (dog, cat, bird, small reptile, horse and fish) or wild (fox, badger, lion, osprey, meerkat, wolf and gorilla) leaving you safe in the knowledge that you can develop an empathetic understanding of nature from the safety of your own home.


Evidence of your solution will be presented as a series of drawings and photographs or alternatively it can be pulped and delivered in a used plastic bag. 

40 erafeara

In erafeara we'll live in the past on your behalf.


You can choose from a variety of historical periods including; WWII, the 1960's or 2007 leaving you safe in the knowledge that regardless of current pressures you can delegate your need to retreat into the pleasures of yesteryear.


All evidence of your offset experiences will be presented for your pleasure in a series of antique wooden boxes.

41 extremissed

In extremissed we'll express your anger. 


If you have a nonnegotiable cause that demands to be heard then we'll create evidence that it already has, before you go and do something drastic. All communications will be archived in an attractive manner and presented in an unlocked storage unit.

42 jointaccounts

In jointaccounts we have an addiction for you.


We'll live out an addiction on your behalf. Evidence from the process (including photographs, letters, drawings and court summons) will be presented for your pleasure in a site-specific public institution and uploaded to your withcloud account.

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