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In 2008 we were invited to do a performance at the Victoria and Albert Museum. We decided to get a WITH agent to exercise on behalf of the public in the Cast Court Rooms for a whole day. It was a fun thing to do but we wanted to make the most of the experience so we took the resulting documentation and reused it for an exhibition at Arts Gallery London a couple of months later. We decided to create a whole month's worth of fake correspondence between the 'public' and the curator of the gallery Eamonn Maxwell - the idea being that an agent was exercising on his behalf at the V&A for the duration of the exhibition. (Fake) members of the public were asked to email or send evidence to the gallery of the daily activity, that included emails, colouring in sheets, videos, paintings, drawings and a song by the fictional Lewisham Educational Massive.

V&A: Fun for a while (but not a whole day)Lewisham Educational Massive
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